Company history

The company Service Industrial Cleaning SRL , specializing in activities and services for industrial and civil cleaning, disinfection and pest control, functioned as a joint stock company with administrative headquarters in Bucharest, str. Popa Tatu. 14, sector 1
Since May 2004 was transformed into a limited liability company. Besides its main activity mentioned above, is now empowered to deploy and import-export activities of goods and equipment typical for the industry.
new administrative headquarters is located in Bucharest, Lt. street Av . Wart Gheorghe no. 12, sector 6 and is owned by the company.

Since inception, promoting good management, well structured and implemented in all departments, and using effective marketing policy, the company It has established itself as an active presence in important services market area.
the company has a team of professionals and uses techniques, equipment and comply with international standards and environmental norms and labor protection imposed by the European Union.

Since September 2008, the company "mother" Industrial Cleaning Service was taken over by the new company operating Chemical Industrial Cleaning Service srl.

About us

The quality of the underlying products we distribute!
Our products make the difference!
Our expertise and customer training make the difference!

It is not by chance that, besides manufacturers JT Eaton, Blueline, Best Pest SprayTeam whose Importer unique we are, more manufacturers of products PCO (Pest Control Operation) gave him company Industrial Cleaning Service distribution of their products on the Romanian market (Gea-Italy-Korea Seshin, OR ME - Italy) to name a few).
All our team members believe in the importance of technical skills and professionalism versus negligence improvisation.
The world Control against pests (Pest Control Management) through a new stage, where non-professionalism will not be accepted. End buyers will ask more will turn to trained and qualified professionals.
If this is your goal, you will find valuable support and trust Industrial Chemical Cleaning Service. If you choose Service Industrial Chemical Cleaning , you are sure you can rely not only a reliable supplier but also a technical consultant who is always ready to answer questions and is constantly seeking new solutions.

company "mother" Service Industrial Cleaning is an Associate Founder of "ANODDD" - the National Association of Operators and Distributors in Pest Disinfection and Disinfection of romania, founded in 2006.
Service Industrial Cleaning is a founding member of "anode" - General Association of operators pest, pest control, disinfection, plant health treatments, distributors of machinery , equipment and specific substances in Romania, founded in 2005.

Quality Management System


Following the final audit conducted in October 2008 at the headquarters Service Industrial Chemical Cleaning, audit team determined that our company has implemented and successfully implemented quality management system fulfills the requirements of SR EN ISO 9001: 2001, EN ISO 14001: 2005 and OHSAS 18001: 2008, and proposed its certification.

Audit findings:

Quality management system implemented in SC Industrial Chemical Cleaning Service srl is:

  • - According to the reference standard requirements and audit criteria;
  • - Able to ensure the fulfillment of regulatory requirements and contractual;
  • - Effective in achieving the objectives set.

Certification of management systems and products is a priority for economic agents in order to align them with EU requirements in terms of quality services and products.

Why a Certification of quality management system ISO 9001/2001?

  • 1. IMAGE OF EXCELLENCE company and products!
  • 2. Value added by process approach to quality in our company!
  • 3. CONVINCED partners that our company comply with applicable regulations in force!
  • 4. The prestige, image and importance of our company in Romania and the European Union!


Director General si Administrator Unic - Ec. Sorin Boaje

Director Economic - Exp. Contabil Florida Dobre

Assistant Manager - Alexandra Iordache

Director - Stefania Bercaru

Coordonator vanzari-administrativ - Trofeo Razvan

Responsabil Managementul Calitatii - Diana Boaje

Director Departament Curatenie - Trofeo Cosmin

Agenti DDD - Bercaru Victor
- Trofeo Cosmin
- Laptes Elena

Cenzor - Exp. Contabil Alexandru Nita
Director Marketing - Alexandru Butnaru
Casa de Avocatura - Ciurtin si Brasoveanu
Medic Veterinar - Andreea Argeseanu
Resurse Umane - Elena Menteanu
Protectia Muncii - SC Saniserv Protect Consult SRL

Service Industrial Chemical Cleaning

1. The company's policy on quality is to sell products that fully satisfy customer needs, while respecting the standards, national and international laws and regulations.

2. The company is a leader in marketing the following products: insecticides, rodenticides, disinfectants, solvents biological adhesive traps for monitoring and controlling pests Public Health sector.

3. company management has implemented and maintain a quality system that meets ISO 9001: 2000.
Industrial Chemical Cleaning Service took over its operational purpose of protecting the environment from pollution of air, water and soil.

4. Management will create and maintain a program for the entire company , within which employees are partners in achieving the company's goals. The Company regards employees as partners in the process of complying with quality, environmental and safety requirements and any initiative encourages managers and employees to improve processes within the company.

5. The Company will monitor continuously in all its activities and will assess the extent to which its objectives are met for quality and environment.
the results will then serve as decision-making tools to further improve product quality.

6. company management will conduct periodic checks of the quality system in order to ensure the effective, long-term compliance. To reach the goal, the company will establish each year clear, definitive and measurable, including delegation of authority and responsibilities of execution. The company will allocate adequate staff and budget resources to accomplish its goals.

7. The company will require full participation of management and employees. The company will ensure transparency and will sponsor a comprehensive program of specialization.

8. Each employee is held responsible for ensuring that all products marketed by the company, with which it has to do , comply with the criteria for quality, environment and safety.

Septembrie 2008
Ec Sorin Boaje
Director General